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Work with us to help lay out the ideal structure and content for your website with our SEO-led, design-inspired website wireframing services.

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What is a website wire frame?

A website wireframe is a must for every company’s website. This exercise provides a detailed page-by-page structure of a website, detailing not only what pages fit where but what content should be included and how the pages should be formatted.


It is an essential step for designing brand-new websites or updating existing websites with clarity and vision. 

Website wireframing services are complex and involved, and you should seek professional help by working with Anicca’s experienced design team.


With over 15 years of working with websites and companies from a variety of sectors, we know what wireframes work and what don’t. Let us help guide you in terms of structure, content and landing pages.

Why wire frame your website?

Users expect so much from a website these days. It should be navigable, attractive, full of relevant and engaging content and easy to make a purchase. Add to this optimisation for paid and organic content, and it’s easy to see how you can’t see the wood for the trees.


A wireframe can help you map your route and plan how your website should look, be structured and work for your target audiences.

A website wireframe is an important part of your company’s development process. It should be completed before web development begins to aid your developers and designers to see what your priorities are. A good wireframe will save you time, money and costly amendments to your website by establishing the layout and journey before it’s built.


A wire frame will help map out a website’s structure page by page. 


What pages need new written content? What topics is that content on? Do you have keyphrase research for Google for inclusion in the content? 

Visual Design

Which pages will have what format? What visuals or video are required for which pages? 

Performance and Optimisation

What phrases is your website being optimised for? Is there anything you need to rank highly for? 

Why Anicca?

As a digital marketing agency, we have been looking at websites for over 15 years, so our technical team can easily tell what works and what doesn’t. 


We are one of the top 3% of digital agencies that have been awarded Google Premier Partner status, allowing us Beta trials of new functionality and early warning of any updates. This trust and experience make us the perfect partner for your website wireframing services.

We are also a Microsoft Advertising Partner for businesses with a significant audience share on Bing, and can also optimise for DuckDuckGo and other ISPs. 


To find out more about our creative services please get in touch. We also offer services in SEO, PPC, social marketing, and PR to assist with any other marketing needs.

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