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The Importance of effective landing page design

Landing pages can be used for multiple purposes and channels. They can serve as the start of a journey for PPC and other paid campaigns, or the key information page for products, services or topics. 


They are generally highly optimised for certain keywords, phrases or groups, making them highly discoverable by potential customers through organic or paid channels.

As such an effective landing page is important as it serves as the first point of contact with your target audiences. It needs to appeal to potential customers, engage their interest and prompt them to convert.

This combination of design, copy and Call-to-Action (CTA) means that effective landing page design is critical to your online conversion rates and requires specialist skills and knowledge.


To support this, our agency offers landing page design services and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to your designs. 


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Landing page design services

At Anicca we’ve spent the last 15 years working with PPC and SEO campaigns, creating traffic and directing them to specially designed landing pages. We have worked with a wide range of companies on their landing page design and can tailor our services to your needs.


Many times, these landing pages are designed by or in consultation with our in-house experts to encourage both discovery and conversion rates.


Landing pages are constantly evolving and we try to maximise engagement and conversion, through regular optimisation.

Using the available data, we alter the landing page design to align with customer trends from colour schemes to CTAs.


It is normal for more than one landing page to be in operation (particularly for paid media), so that we can test which version users prefer. This gives us data on which we can base our decisions for optimisation.


The idea is to change only one element at a time so the user preference is clear. We can AB test for elements such as Call-To-Action, design features and copy.

Graphic design

We can help design landing pages that appeal to your audiences and convert for PPC and SEO whilst adhering to existing brand guidelines.


Once the landing pages are up and running, we continually optimise them to maximise performance.

Effective copy

We can test for a range of Tone of Voice and copy variables – sometimes a word can make all the difference!


We create clear CTAs, whether that be to drive purchases, encourage downloads or whatever your organisation classes as a conversion.

Why Anicca?

As a digital marketing agency, we offer landing page design services with over 15 years of experience and add our knowledge to your own.


We will work with you to research your audience, and what they engage with and produce landing page concepts that mesh with the available data. This increases the chance of a successful overall campaign

We are one of the top 3% of digital agencies that have been awarded Google Premier Partner status, allowing us Beta trials of new functionality and early warning of any updates.


We are also a Microsoft Advertising Partner for businesses with a significant audience share on Bing, and can also optimise for DuckDuckGo and other ISPs.


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