How to use Psychology & User Bias Theory to Enhance the Performance of your Website (22nd January)

This week’s webinar from Anicca Digital is presented by Jayesh Mistry who will be talking on “How to use Psychology & User Bias Theory to Enhance the Performance of Your Website”. He will explain the way users behave on websites and the elements that will influence their decision making.

The methodology that Jayesh has developed, can be used in the process of conversion rate optimisation (CRO). However, instead of just relying on quantitative data from Analytics, or qualitative data from surveys; we can now understand the impact of user psychology.

This technique allows us to measure how personality type and user bias can impact persuasion and consequently the performance of a site. Armed with this data, web designer and marketers can recommend improvements to the design, which can be tested during a CRO project.


  • Why it is important that your website works for you
  • Introduction to psychology theory
  • How personality types influence persuasion and introduction to the PASE system
  • Introduction to User Bias and examples of how they can be used in marketing messages
  • How user biases influence persuasion
  • How we use the PASE system and the 25 Cognitive Biases to measure persuasion
  • Using this data to run conversion rate optimisation (CRO) experiments to enhance website performance


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