Call Tracking for Your Website – Anicca Digital offer new Keyword level Call Tracking Technology

telephoneAnicca Digital now offer a revolutionary new call tracking technology to our clients. Traditionally, it can be difficult to measure how effective a given marketing campaign is – you can measure call volume but you can't be sure how the customers got your number. However, using our Origins Call Tracking technology, you can not only record and monitor calls but you can also see how individual customers found the number to call your business. This means you know exactly which campaigns are performing and generating calls, and which are passing customers by unnoticed. For businesses that receive a lot of calls, this call tracking data can completely transform how they deal with advertising spend.

How does Call Tracking UK work?

You may have noticed our telephone number in the header changes. This is because we are using our own call tracking system called Origins Call Tracking Technology. This technology allows us to trace how you heard about us, how you came to our website and even what key phrases you used!

The Origins Call Tracking is linked to our Google Adwords and Analytics accounts to provide detailed information about our customers and help us improve our marketing strategies. This can work for your business to help you optimise your marketing spend!

Anicca Digital Origins Call Tracking provides the following benefits:

•    Easy to set up – it only takes 15 minutes to get started!
•    Complete visitor tracking – Origins can track which pages your customers visit before, during and after the call
•    Keyphrase tracking – Origins allows you to see which keyphrases lead to calls
•    Powerful in-depth reporting – Origins provides information on calls, call location, call volume and duration and is integrated into Google Analytics and Adwords
•    Missed call email alerts – instant email alerts on missed calls allow you to call customers back even if they don't leave a message!

For more information on Anicca Digital' Origins Call Tracking technology, speak to Darren on our Pay per click team on 0116 2987496.


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