How to use ChatGPT in your marketing – examples & free “PROMPTS” & TEMPLATES” to use now (Friday 27th Jan – 9:00am -10:00am)

ChatGPT is the new AI-driven text-based tool from OpenAI, which has taken the marketing world by storm since its launch at the end of November 2022. Ann has been using ChatGPT since December to help with a range of tasks including being a writing assistant in collating text for her new book.

A few weeks ago, Martin Broadhurst and Ann, presented a webinar on the background and evolution of ChatGPT. In this webinar, Ann will present a variety of cases on how to use this amazing tool to help you with a whole range of tasks.

Ann explains how to use ChatGPT using the acronym:

However, most of the webinar will be to present and demo real examples of refining the prompts or instructions you can use with ChatGPT. Also, how to create templates that can be used to get a well-formatted and informative text that can save you and your business valuable time.


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