Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising

If you are not yet convinced about the power of social media advertising, let us throw some stats your way…

50% of millennials use the internet to research products before purchasing a product. Last year we saw ad spend on social media set a new pace that would outgrow TV ad spend for the first time. There are now over 2 million businesses advertising on Facebook. 73.4% of users that follow a brand on social media is because they’re interested in the product or service. In 2012, the average internet user had three social media accounts–now the average is closer to seven accounts. (Source: Sprout Social).

Social media has well and truly changed the world of online marketing, and paid social media is at the very heart of that change. Organic activity will only get you so far. To compete for attention, social media advertising must be a key tactic in your social media strategy.

Our experienced social media advertising team currently works on paid campaigns across a variety of different social media networks, including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Our specialist social media team have an in-depth, working knowledge of every platform’s advertising options and strategies – so can develop intelligent, robust and effective paid social media strategies for your business.

Our approach…

Although our bespoke paid social media campaigns are designed with the objectives of each individual business in mind, our approach is always the same – a fully consultative process using reliable data to inform decisions.

The general outline of our process is as follows:

Strategy and Planning - we will work with you to better understand your brand and your product/service. We can help identity your audience to make sure your brand message is in front of the right people at the right time.

Full Campaign Management - we can provide planning, targeting and budget management to help your campaign meet its goals and provide a return on your investment.

On-going Optimisation - we know it is imperative that any campaign is tested and optimised on an on-going basis. We do this with not only your strategy in mind, but also the performance of different advert copy, audience targeting, and bid management.

Throughout the process we will work in partnership with your business, and always aim to create a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. We want your campaigns to succeed just as much as you do, and will never recommend anything that we don’t believe will work for you, your brand or your business objectives.

The Honeypot technique

The Honeypot technique is a unique approach to aligning paid social media and paid search campaigns – helping our clients maximise their ad budgets and increase ROI. Learn more about the Honeypot technique and how it could help your business here: Anicca Integrated Approach to Digital Marketing

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