Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy development

At the heart of every successful social media campaign is a robust strategy. Social media marketing can quickly become expensive for businesses – in terms of money as well as time – so it is important to make sure you have a clear plan in place before you start.

Here at Anicca Digital, we have an experienced and talented team of social media specialists ready to research, plan and implement effective social media strategies that are designed with your individual business objectives in mind.

Our bespoke strategies encompass all aspects of social media, from lead generation and conversion to advocacy and brand awareness. We work across all relevant platforms and our activity can include:

  • Content creation
  • Platform distribution
  • Crisis management
  • Customer service
  • Measurement and KPIs
  • Social media advertising

Our strategies incorporate your content marketing, PR and offline approaches to ensure consistent brand experience and sequenced storytelling.

Why is a social media strategy important?

With so many different social media channels available to businesses, and so many different ways to use them, it can be easy to jump straight in. However, many businesses soon find that they are struggling to get any kind of return on their investment in social media.

Our strategies provide a clear roadmap of activity to help keep your social media campaign on track, and to make sure all activity is geared around one thing – how it will help your business meet its objectives.

Content is key

At the heart of any campaign is the content you are sharing with the consumer. Many businesses believe it’s quantity over quality, but this just isn’t true! With the use of in-depth research, creative brainstorms and up to date trends we can help give your content marketing an edge.

You don’t have to post every day to create an effective presence on social media, however when you do post it needs to add value. We can help you understand what your customers want to hear and how to turn this into effective and engaging content.

Our approach…

As a data-centric online marketing agency, our social media strategies are based on quantifiable and actionable data. We will work closely with you and your team to design a bespoke strategy that has your business objectives at its heart. Whether this is to achieve more sales/conversions from social media channels, increase the level of engagement with your audience or increase brand awareness across a new target audience.

Although we rely on data to inform our strategy, we also pride ourselves on having a creative edge. We will plan and create content marketing that resonates with your audience across various social media channels, and focus on high performing content formats that also deliver results.

We will work collaboratively with you and your team every step of the way, as well as with any other outside agencies and third party developers to ensure your social media strategy is as effective as possible.









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