PPC Packages

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management packages

PPC Package 1 - PPC management of accounts with an ad spend of <£1,000 per month

We generally do not manage PPC accounts for clients with an ad spend budget of less than £1,000 per month. This is because our ppc management fee will be higher than the ad spend.

Consequently, we recommend that you find a PPC freelancer or smaller PPC agency that can manage your PPC account on your behalf; or you learn how to manage your PPC account yourself.

If you would like to manage your own pay-per-click accounts, then we can provide the necessary PPC training, tailored to your specific needs. Click here for more information. Our in-depth practical training will teach you (or your in-house team) how to set-up and manage your own PPC campaigns, using the tricks and tips used by our team of accredited Google professionals, who deliver all our PPC training.

If required, you could also contract us to set-up your campaigns for you, which you then can manage yourself.

PPC Package 2 - Ad spend of £1,000 – £20,000 per month – our ppc management service

If you are currently, or are intending to spend more than £1,000 per month on your ad spend then we can often make savings of 25-50% by us managing your PPC account on your behalf (or by switching from your existing agency).

Our savings are mainly made by creating a very granular account, which helps to increase your Quality Scores, so we reduce the CPC you have to pay. We also have tried and tested optimisation methods, which allows us to weed out the parts of your account that wastes money and redirect your budget to the highest performing campaigns.

Our technical audit will allow us to identify these savings and help you understand our approach and witness our expertise in practice. We will present the findings of your audit, during your consultation. We will also make recommendations on how much time will be required to set-up and manage your account on an ongoing basis:

  • We determine the number of set-up days required for your account (typically 2-6 days). We normally include Bing and Facebook retargeting for most of our projects.
  • We agree on a number of management days per month (typically 2-6 days). Most of our fully managed contracts are for at least 2 management days per month, with ecommerce and larger sites requiring more than 4 days per month.
  • Our set-up fee can either be invoiced upfront or spread over the duration of your contract
  • We will outline any additional services you may require, for example, improvements to your conversion tracking and Analytics, the creation of Shopping feeds, use of third-party software such as feed management software for Shopping ads and other channels.

Package 3 - Management of larger accounts spending more than £20,000 per month

For accounts with a monthly ad spend in excess of £20,000, you can either opt for a specific number of days per month or we can calculate your monthly fee based on 10% of your initial monthly budget. This is then fixed so that we get the same monthly fee irrespective of how much you spend in the future. This is a great incentive for us to save you more money, rather than increasing your spend so we get a higher rate of commission!

Discount for charities

We provide a 20% discount off all our charges for registered charities. We can also help you apply for a Google Grant of $10,000 per month which we can use to drive traffic to your site and generate more revenue for your organisation.

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