PR & Influencer Marketing

PR & influencer marketing

PR has evolved…has your PR agency? In our fast-paced digital world, PR opportunities and potential problems can arise at a dizzying rate. That’s why you need an agency who specialises in 21st century PR services and can call on the full range of online and offline tools and tactics to keep your business ahead.

To help build and maintain your brand awareness, we can focus on:

Influencer marketing – for both B2B and B2C, connecting with the main social influencers, bloggers and celebrities within an industry and forming mutually-beneficial, long-standing relationships

Content marketing - creating quality, ‘shareworthy’ content including blogs, video and infographics

Outreach - ‘reaching out’ to and engaging with relevant publishers to feature your content, products or service offering

Social media marketing – general management of your accounts and integrated long-term paid and organic campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc…

Social listening – what is your target audience saying about your brand and your products online? How can you best react to this?

Crisis management – how to plan for and manage crises that occur in both the physical and digital world

The Anicca Guide To Influencer Marketing

Integrated Communications

We can help you maximise your marcomms campaigns, integrating story telling, content creation, distribution as well as providing more impactful measurement of campaign success

Digital PR

Increasing your brand awareness online is the starting point for long term, sustainable and cost-effective marketing

Influencer & Blogger Marketing

We work with Influencers across channels and of varying size and niche, all carefully selected to help reach your objectives

PR For Ecommerce & Retail

We offer a broad range of services designed especially for ecommerce brands, all aimed at increasing website visits and brand exposure, but most importantly, revenue

Product Placement

We thrive on hunting down product placement requests with the aim of securing a spot for our clients in front of millions of engaged viewers

Crisis Management

It goes without saying that managing and controlling bad publicity is crucial in retaining your brand integrity. We’ve guided scores of clients through testing times, always reaching the other side more informed and more resilient





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