B2B Digital Marketing for Medical, Health & Pharma

B2B Digital Marketing for the Medical Sector

Planning a digital marketing campaign within the medical sector can improve your digital presence in a huge variety of ways.

No matter how niche your product or service may seem, our PPC, SEO and PR experts are on hand to create your bespoke strategy. We ensure your budgets are maximised, rankings climb, your customer engagement and loyalty increase, ultimately generating high-quality leads.

Our data-driven approach means we always take full advantage of data analytics to provide you with a strategy that meets your goals and exceeds your KPIs.

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Paid Search and Paid Social for the Medical Sector

Our award-winning team of PPC experts have a wealth of experience in creating the perfect PPC campaigns to work for your brand.

No matter how niche your product or service may seem, we implement a range of paid search, remarketing, display, shopping and social ads, for a complete PPC package that improves your budget’s efficiency and maximises your reach.

  • Create regional, national, and/or international campaigns with full flexibility
  • Improve your cost per click and maximise on your budgets
  • Generate leads using a variety of techniques surrounding paid media
  • Use display ads and local targeting to improve the efficacy of even the most niche campaigns
  • Improve the quality of site traffic, improving your leads and conversion rates

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SEO for the Medical Sector

We use the latest SEO copywriting techniques and technical fixes to remove roadblocks and ensure your site is able to climb the rankings and reach those sought-after top positions.

Your bespoke SEO strategy will be formulated by our expert team and tailored to your exact goals and business requirements.

We will recommend some or all of the following tasks:

  • Ensure your content is SEO-optimised, complies to your industry regulations and Google’s EAT guidelines, which stand for “Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness"
  • Research into how your ideal customers are searching for your products, define search intent and analyse any gaps in your site, and create landing pages and keywords to fulfil this
  • Create content that is written with SEO and customer experience in mind, optimised for your newly found keywords
  • Audit your site to identify any problems with your technical SEO, placing your site in an optimal position to achieve the highest rankings on search engines
  • Plan your international SEO strategy if needed, including the technical set-up and liaison with your developers and international teams

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Conversion Optimisation for the Medical Sector

With many clients in the medical sector requiring highly tailored and niche keyword strategies, optimising your site for conversion is particularly essential.

Our Head of Analytics personally works on every campaign, with years of experience improving your conversion rates and streamlining your customer’s journey.

Your analytics and conversion work will usually include the following points:

  • Creation of a bespoke data studio dashboard, so you can see and report on all of your data metrics, from all of your digital channels, in one place
  • Technical analysis, including device testing, user testing and identifying places of friction on your site
  • Surveys & polls to gain qualitative feedback from prospects and customers, including use of heatmaps
  • Implement CRM and marketing automation software to integrate and streamline your sales and marketing processes, such as SharpSpring, HubSpot, Salesforce or Zoho.

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PR & Link Building for the Medical Sector

Our PR and link building experts will carry out a campaign through one or more of the following avenues, depending on what will work best to achieve your goals:

  • Influencer marketing– for both B2B and B2C clients in the medial sector, we help you connect with relevant social influencers and niche thought leaders within your industry to gain further reach for your products or service
  • Content marketing- creating exciting, ‘shareworthy’ content including blogs, video and infographics which can attract more customers to your site across social media and the press
  • Outreach– engaging with relevant industry contacts and niche sectors of the media, as well as larger publications to promote your products or service offering

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Digital Marketing Training for the Medical Sector

Over the last two decades, the technical specialists at Anicca Digital have provided training on all aspects of digital marketing for over a thousand business professionals and students.

No matter your level of understanding or what you personally want yourself or your team to achieve, we create a bespoke training package tailored to your requirements. This can include:

  • One-to-one or group sessions with our marketing experts
  • Training sessions tailored to your exact needs within the medical sector
  • Access to the training slides, plus extra resources and materials
  • Workshops for staff in the UK and overseas (in-person or remotely)
  • DMI & CIM Certified Digital Marketing Qualifications

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